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Dean waits for good weather on Cho Oyu

Dean, Mark and Paul at Camp 1 (photo Max Kausch)

Dean sent the following update via Summit Climb (photo by lead guide Max Kausch) :

Hello, this is Dean Cardinale with a dispatch for the SummitClimb Cho Oyu autumn 2010 expedition. Today is the 25th of September.

All members are back at Advanced Basecamp after 2 days of rest. Mark Herbick has left the group after dealing with an ongoing medical ailment the last 5 days. His time was cut short and he decided to head back towards Kathmandu.

On the mountain, above camp 2 in the icefall, we saw multiple avalanches that have occurred. Some were human triggered and others natural.

We spent last night resting in Advanced Basecamp and the skies cleared overnight. It was the first night of no snowfall at ABC. Temperatures dropped as the skies cleared.

Camp 1

Camp 1 (photo: Mark Herbick)

Today the whole team is moving from ABC up to camp 1 to continue our push on the mountain. Our members remain upbeat and optimistic that the weather will afford a summit attempt. We look forward to more news dispatches and photos coming your way soon. Bye.

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Bad weather delays summit bid for Cho Oyu

Summit Climb Cho Oyu group shot at basecamp (photo Max Kausch)

Bad weather has put the team’s push for the summit of Cho Oyu on hold for now.  Although the team is well prepared, has acclimated well, and no equipment failures yet, the biggest factor of all, the weather, has not cooperate these past few days.

Dean and Mark’s journey to summit Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th highest peak, began in early Sept.  It took a week to get to Nepal, gather their supplies, meet the rest of the climbing team from Summit Climb, cross the border into Tibet, and arrive at the first base camp.  These days also included some short day hikes to help acclimate faster to the high altitude.  Everything went smoothly with getting permits and crossing into China, which can be a major feat in itself with government issues and the primitive dirt road conditions during the rainy season!

Once the team arrived in Tibet, they continued acclimating and organizing their equipment.  The “tea houses” in the small towns they stayed in were primitive and crowded compared to our standards, but would make the tents on the mountain seem like luxurious accommodations!  They made their way to Chinese Base Camp at 16,000 ft without any major incidents.  Every bit of the journey has been preparing them for the big push to the summit.  They saw their first glimpse of Cho Oyu next to Mt Everest, which was intertwined with feelings of exhileration and awe at the daunting task ahead of them.

The team spent a few days going from Chinese Base camp to Interim Base Camp (16,800 ft), and finally to Advanced Base Camp (18,500ft)  using Yaks to carry most of their equipment. .  Each day was a little harder as the air got thinner and everyone adjusted to the lack of oxygen.  Here the team had a traditional Puja ceremony, lead by a lama and a couple of monks, which blessed the team and their equipemnt for their journey on the mountian.

Puja ceremony at Advanced Base Camp

Puja ceremony at Advanced Base Camp (photo: Mark Herbick)

 After spending a couple of days at Advanced Base Camp, the team started making trips to higher base camps to acclimate and move gear up the mountain.  There are a total of 3 high base camps, know as Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 3.   Snow was a constant companion, which halted some of the progress of the team to higher base camps.  The up side of this is that everyone had lots of time to acclimate to the high altitudes while resting at Advanced Base Camp.

Heavy snow has continued to be a problem.  Many avalanches have been heard from base camp on the terrain above.  On Sept 18 an avalanche at 7700 m (25,200 ft) took out 7 Sherpas who were setting the fixed lines that many of the expeditions would use to climb safely at that elevation.  All 7 survived, but the rescue was difficult and 2 of the Sherpas were seriously injured.

At this point Dean’s team is waiting out the weather.  The reports predict snow all the way into October, followed by high winds.  They will have to determine if they can wait it out and attempt to summit when the weather permits and the fixed lines can be reset.  We wish them the best, and most of all a safe return.

Check out for more detailed blogs of the expedition.

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Cho Oyu trek makes it to Tibet

Dean and his client Mark are on their way to climb up Cho Oyu in Tibet.  Dean sent an update of their journey so far:

Yesterday we left Kathmandu around 4:30am and made out way towards the boarder of China in Tibet. The road out from Kathmandu is rough with many landslides that we crossed as we approached the boarder. When we reached the Chinese boarder we had to transfer all of our gear and walk across the Friendship bridge into Tibet China since the road was blocked by many trucks waiting to cross. Porters helped lug all of the supplies from Nepal into Tibet where it was loaded on another truck and bus and we continued on our way. The transfer took about 3-4 hours. We got on our way again and we arrived at Nyalam a small village in Tibet at 12,500′. We spent the night and will spend another day here acclimatizing before we move on. Tomorrow we will continue towards Tingri 14,000′ where we will spend 2 days before heading to the Chinese base camp. All the 10 members of the expedition are doing well and are excited to get to base camp and start climbing.

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Dean heads out to summit Cho Oyu

Cho Oyu

Cho Oyu - 26,906 feet (8201 m)

Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th highest mountain at 8201 meters (26,906 ft), is the site of World Wide Trekiking’s owner Dean Cardinale’s next adventure. It is located on the Nepal-Tibet border, just 28km west of Mt Everest. Dean and one of his clients, Mark Herbick, will attempt to summit Cho Oyu this month. Mark has been on World Wide Trekking tours to Africa and Russia, and is now adding Nepal to this list.

The summit bid will take about 6 weeks, starting in Katmandu. The “Tourquise Goddess”, as its name translates in Tibeten, is known as the easiest 8000m peak, but is still very challenging. With snowfields up to 50 degrees and some short steeper rock and ice sections, there is no room for error.  The time it takes to access the peak and the elevation make it a big undertaking.

We wish Dean and Mark the best of luck and plenty of good weather on their journey! Check back for updates on their trip, or follow Mark’s blog posting (via his wife) at

Kilimanjaro Summit bid successful again!

13 people summittied Mt Kilimanjaro on June 29th via the Machame route. It was the third World Wide Trekking trip up Kilimanjaro this season, with all 3 having successful summit climbs. We had great weather during the entire trip. The group, consisting of memebers from Michigan, upstate NY, NYC and Utah all enjoyed the climb. Our youngest member was Jake Taylor, just13 years old, and our oldest (this season) was an impressive 72 years young. (the oldest person on record to have summited Kilimanjaro is 79!)  Although Kilimanjaro is always challenging, our group enjoyed 1st class mountain service from the 65 local members on staff for our trip. Great food and comfortable camps help ease the rugged mountain environment.

This group, as always, started as strangers and became close friends quickly during the trek up Kilimanjaro.  As we returned from the mountain we stopped and visited the new HOP Kilimanjaro Childrens Community site on the way. The progress on the land and site is great to see. 

Last night we all enjoyed a hot shower and celebration BBQ at our lodge to savor our hard-earned accomplishment. Today we head out on a 4 day safari in Lake Manyara National Park, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. We are looking forward to seeing much of the local East African culture as well as the big game in the National Parks.

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Third group of the season heading out on Kilimanjaro today

The third group this season has left Moshi for their summit bid on Kilimanjaro.  World Wide Trekking guides and their clients left this morning on the Machame route which will take them to the highest point on the African continent.  So far the 2 previous groups have been successful in every member reaching the summit. The weather looks good for this climb to end in success too. 

Check back for updates on how the group is doing as well as photos from their journey!

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A Fantastic Adventure summits Kilimanjaro with World Wide Trekking

World Wide Trekking successfully took its second group of the 2010 African trekking season to the summit of Kilimanjaro!  Ruben Gonzalez and Greg Reid with A Fantastic Adventure put together a fun group of people from all over the US to experience the thrill of climbing one of the world’s highest peaks and seeing the amazing wildlife and local tribes people on an African safari.  With 13 people in the group, it was not only the largest group this season, but with ages topping off at 72, it had some of the oldest climbers ever to summit with our crew, and not far off from the oldest person on record to summit at age 79!

Good weather on their journey helped the group’s sheer determination to achieve their goal.  Ruben and Greg’s background in motivational speaking gave them inspiration along the way for not only this experience, but for all of their life’s journeys.  At times the physical demands of the trek and the altitude took their toll on some of the participants, but the encouragement of their fellow climbers and leaders gave everyone the support and enthusiasm to push through, finding new strength and resolve to continue.  The celebration that proceeded was heartfelt and well-deserved!

After the summit journey, the group was able to visit the new Human Outreach Project orphanage that broke ground earlier this month before heading out on safari.  A couple of the group members have already made donations to the orphanage after seeing the project in person!  After such a life-changing experience on Kilimanjaro, it’s hard to not want to help others, such as the local Moshi orphans, in changing their lives for the better too!

This was truly a special group of people, with so many of them achieving something they had never thought possible, and forming bonds that come from being on a trip of a lifetime together.  There were tears in the eyes of most at the airport as they said their goodbyes, leaving Africa with more enriched lives and an experience they will never forget!

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1st Studen Leadership Program trip is huge success!

World Wide Trekking and the Human Outreach Project (HOP) successfully launched a new program this summer.  The Student Leadership Program is targeted at college-aged people to help them learn leadership skills and foster global citizenship actions.  With the guides of World Wide Trekking and the leaders of the HOP, this year’s group made great strides in their personal achievements as well as breaking ground on a new orphanage near the base of Kilimanjaro.

On May 24 the participants of the Leadership Program meet in Tanzania, Africa to begin their project. First on the agenda was to summit the mighty Kilimanjaro mountain. At 19,340 feet, this is the tallest point in Africa, making it one of the world’s 7 summits. Students were taught leadership skills along the way, making the climb not only a physical achievement, but a personal enrichment journey as well. 

 While the students were busy climbing and learning, the builder from Park City, UT was vigorously planning and coordinating with local experts to get HOP’s new orphanage off the ground. HOP purchased 4 acres of land last year as the site of the new orphanage. They supplemented this land with 2 dairy cows (not easy to come by in Tanzania) which have been supplying the existing orphanage with milk for the past year. By the time the Leadership Program participants had arrived, a fence has been erected around the 4 acres. With the help of many local people in the community, the group was able to break ground on the first of several buildings planned for the site. The first building will be the center pavilion for the small community of buildings that will be built. The teamwork of the Leadership Program and the local community was synergistic and laid a great foundation for progress to be made in the future.

Be sure to check the HOP website,, for updates on the orphanage as well as future projects and Student Leadership Programs! You can also donate there to help out the cause and become a global citizen yourself.

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New Trek to Egypt


Dean Cardinale has just spent some time in Egypt scouting out a new trek!  Ther are no shortages of fascinating places to see there.  He will be putting together another high caliber trek for the World Wide Trekking clients.  Visit our site soon for details about this amazing adventure…

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New website for World Wide Trekking!

After many months of planning and lots of hard work, World Wide Trekking has a whole new website!  Loaded with tons of great photos and details about our many treks, not only is our new site easier to navigate around, it is also more visually enchanting.  With the addition of this new blogging feature, we will be updating our site on a regular basis. 

 We are adding even more trips this year, so be sure to check back regularly to see the new adventures we have in store for you!  Don’t see a trip to the place you want to go?  Let us know!  We are experts in planning and coordinating custom trips.  With contacts and resources all over the world, we can take care of all of the logistics, planning and reservations to make your trip exactly what you want.